Locally-Grown Hops

Right Here in Decatur County, Indiana

Our Mission

Produce consistently outstanding, locally-grown, fresh hops to microbrewers and homebrewers in Indiana and the Midwest.

Our Hops Varieties


Nugget is a bittering-type cultivar, bred in 1970 from the USDA 65009 female plant and USDA 63015M. Nugget is a great bittering hop with a heavy herbal aroma.


We call this the ‘flour’ in many beer recipes. Cascade is a staple for creating flavorful craft beers. It is a dual-purpose hop used in American Pale Ale. The aroma is flowery, citrusy, grapefruit & spice.


Right up there with Cascade and Centennial, Chinook is one of the most widely grown hops in Ohio, considered a ‘workhorse’ due to its vigor.

Visit In-Person

To view something which is unique across Decatur county and Indiana. Learn about hops growing and processes it involves. We encourage brewers to come visit and tour the yard and discuss potential business and ask questions and we can form a relationship and learn what each other needs to make it a successful partnership. Homebrewers welcomed as well to visit and get hops for their next homebrew. We are also interested in visiting brewers and learning their side of the business and their unique operations

Contact Us

5862 North County Road 400 East Greensburg, Indiana 47240